Whats up everyone! Sorry about last month I made some more changes in my life. I quit amazon F*%k amazon don't go work for them. I got a new job which is much better. I can have a normal work week, have holidays, time and 1/2 & have air conditioning, not be taken advantage of and not have body pains . Everything you hear about amazon is true do not work for them. Anywho so  yeah I got a much better job with all the fixings and am much happier. So again apologize for last month. Here is the new throwdown I hope you all enjoy. Thank you all for listening tell ALL your friends, family & co-workers to share download all my mixes. haha!!! Appreciate All of You who Listen. Lets get to it. 

1) Life of a Dj (Ft. Demolition Man Waeys Remix) - Voltage 

2) Hindsight (Dj Marky Remix) - Blame 

3) Time goes by - John B & Digital

4) Diamonds - Chris Munky, Severity & Ruth Royall

5) Go where I go - Soul Intent 

6) Down for whatever (jubei Remix) - Lenzman 

7) Component -Jubei & Submotiv

8) Slipstream - Jubei 

9) Wake up - Paul T & Edward Oberon  & A Little sound

10) Darkmttr - S.P.Y 

11) Step it to'em (Booyaka) - Unkoded

12) The Underground - Justin Hawkes 

13) Operator - A.M.C 

14) Bass - A.M.C 

15) Town Underground - L Plus 

16) Edge of the dome (Yatuza Remix) - Twisted Individual & Yatuza

17) Banner VIP - Cnof

18) No Respect - Farflow 

19) Untouchable - L-Side 

20) High Times (Break Remix) - L-Side & MC Fats 

21) Spellbound (Spirit Remix) - L- Side 

22) Nightprowler (Alibi Remix) - L-Side & Inja 

23) Terror - Levela 

24) Emerald Funk - Kublai

25) Furtile - Ill Truth 

26) One Life - Benny Page, Sublow Hz, & Samo T