What is up everyone! New month new podcast time. So I have to admit this mix I threw down and did it again, and the second time came out so much better, but I didn't save it. I was sooooo pissed. So here is the first time around mixing this one. My mixes are usually one take and thrown to the wolves. Sometimes I will do it over cuz I usually drink while I'm mixing and sometimes the second time is better cuz I'm Buzzed and don't give a fuk! Anywho here is the mix hope you all enjoy love you all thanks for listening. Tell all your friends family to check out my mixes (if they are into this sort of music) Appreciate you all Thanks for listening.

1) ABR(Monty Remix) - Cesco

2) Guilty - Kasra & Catching Cairo

3) Secrets - Ill Truth 

4) Inferno (DLR Remix) -Bredren & TMAN 

5) Bait - Ill Truth

6) Chronic -Kodin

7) Backhand (L-Side Remix) - Joey & Madrush MC

8) Makes Me -Technimatic 

9) Bedside Manner(Liondub & Kahncept Remix) - Will Miles

10) The Finder - Theoretical 

11) Lost my Way - TC 

12) Riddem -D*Minds 

13) Snakebite - Flava D 

14) Lit (Jenks Remix) - Subcriminal

15) Where do we Go - Paul T & Edward Oberon & MC Fats 

16) Come Closer - Tyrone 

17) System Report - Alibi & Acuna 

18) Give Me (Levela Remix) - Invert Era 

19) Phosphorescence (Save the Rave Remix) - Dub Elements & Ihr

20) Hero - L33

21) Let me Go - L33

22) Player (Monroe Remix) - Goddard 

23) Springloaded - Flava D 

24) About You - Carlito 

25) Changing Moods (Ft. Lorna King)  - Dj Marky