Hello everybody well it's been a busy year so far for me. I changed jobs, bought a home and soon I'll have to buy a new car too FML! Anyways new podcast time, and i got to do this mix in my new basement. This mix was fun I enjoyed making this one so i hope you all like it. Feel free to download,share, tell all your friends to have a listen I appreciate all of you that do listen.

1) Never too old(ft. Emily Makis)- Monrroe

2) Return to me -Flava D 

3) Human Trumpet -Flava D

4) But I (ft. Subsid)- Andrezz

5) Sleeper Dub -Logistics

6) Look at U- L-side & Sl8r

7) Tech Trix- Radiax

8) New Era- Dlr, Ill Truth & Gusto

9) The Void- L-Side

10) Leviathan -Screamarts

11) Got a Feelin' -Break

12) Spectre -Sematic & Alr

13) Purge( Traumatize Remix) -Dominator 

14) Let me go -Phibes

15) Banana Bread -Dlr 

16) Dub Service -Phibes

17) Raise -A sides

18) Nocturne -Dj Rusty

19) Earth Rot - Serum

20) Power to Kill(Dutta's Mix) Mc Bassman & Dutta 

21) Let's Go(Dub Mix Ft. Harry Shotta) -Serum & Benny V

22) Magic Carpet(ft. Spyda) -Bou 

23) Badlands -Bladerunner & Nectax 

24) Radical Sound - Black Barrel 

25) Berry Patch -Machinedrum & Holly

26) The Fall -Bladerunner & Nectax