Whats up everyone. New Month,New Podcast time. So here it is. I hope you all enjoy, thank you all for listening I appreciate it. Feel free to share , download, tell all your friends. See you Next month.

1- Singularity (ft. Carl Petros) Lowr

2- Second Flight Native Alliance 

3- Mistake or Design Dilemma

4- Lure Dilemma

5- Space Age Arcatype

6- No Questions Dilemma

7- Restart T:Base

8- Hard Hands (late night) Dj Marky 

9- Flight Path Kallan HK

10- Catalyst Alibi 

11- Chimes Break & Kyo

12- Northern Noise Enei 

13- Pay the Cost (ft Jakes) Enei 

14- Direction Alibi 

15- Organic (Enei Remix) Sam Binga & Rider Shafique

16- Astro Bass Intraspekt

17- Intuition Ulterior Motive, Quadrant & Iris 

18- Divided Mode Enei

19- Higher (ft Current Value) Bou 

20- Widowed Enei

21- Spook Bou 

22- I'm Still in love (T>I Remix) Alton Ellis

23- It's a Trap

24- Noodle Bar Basstripper 

25- Scorpio Bou 

26- No Love (ft. Stompz) Bou

27- Down the Line Dub(Whiney & Inja Remix) Mafia & Fluxy

28- Siren (ft. Suku Ward)(Version Remix) Rumble 

29- So Jah Seh (Quadrant, Kid Hops& Iris Remix) Jackie Edwards

30- Herbsmokers (benny Page Remix) Aries & Benny Page 

31- Moon in your eyes Serum & Paul T